Reliance Jio helped India rank 15 in 4G availability in Q1 2017: Open Signal

Reliance Jio helped India rank 15 in 4G availability in Q1 2017: Open Signal

In a very short period Reliance Jio has created its space in the network world and leading ahead of all networks. It had attracted millions of subscribers at the beginning of six months. A survey conducted by London-based wireless coverage mapping signal on Wednesday disclosed that due to Reliance jio India has reached 15th spot in the 4G network availability all over the world.  According to the report of Opensignals ‘State of LTE’, in the third quarter of 2016, India had 71.6 percent which in the first quarter of 2017 jumped to 81.6 percent.

‘India is a strong and fast-changing mobile market. To ensure consistent mobile experience and high quality for more than 1 billion plus users the government and other stakeholders are pursuing to seize the vast opportunity and raise the global rankings across all parameters’ said Brendan Gill, co-founder, and CEO, OpenSingal.

 Reliance Jio fastest 4G network

The average 4G download speed in India is 5.1 Mbps dropping 1 Mbps in six months. Researches show that these 4G data downloading speeds are marginally faster than the normal global 3G download speed which is at 4.4 Mbps. The availability of other operators than Jio hovered around 60 percent in the Indian market.  The South Korea has been scored highest in the supply of 4G speed and the second largest in 4G speed is on the test.

The OpenSignal has collected the Data from daily consumer Smartphone and covered 75 countries. The report of OpenSignal shows that the US has acquired 4th position from 10th position. The report also shows that as always Japan and South Korea is continuing to lead the world in speed and LTE availability. It is noted that the Singapore serves among the very highest speed whereas Japan was at around 25Mbps.

Reliance Jio fastest 4G network is breaking all records and providing bumper offers for the users.  Jio offers cheap data and unlimited calls.

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